Dispute Procedure & Resolution

We are committed to providing quality advice to our clients. This commitment extends to providing accessible complaint resolution mechanisms for our clients.

If you have any complaint about the service provided to you, please contact your adviser/account manager, and tell them about your complaint. We will acknowledge your complaint immediately in writing or by telephone

If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved within 15 days, the matter will be referred to the Risk and Compliance Team at Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd who can be contacted directly on [email protected] or call 02 9806 2000. You can make a formal complaint in writing or over the phone through our internal dispute resolution scheme (IDR). Please include as much detail as possible and any supporting information about the issue. Our Risk and Compliance Team will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing. We will try and resolve your complaint quickly and fairly. We will keep you informed on your complaint’s progress.

If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by us within 30 days when we first received your complaint, you may refer your complaint directly to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd is a member of an independent external dispute resolution scheme administered by AFCA.

AFCA provides fair and independent complaint resolution at no charge to you. Time limits may restrict your ability to make complaints to AFCA. More information can be found on their website www.afca.org.au

AFCA can be contacted at GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001, 1800 931 678 or [email protected]